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Ultra Z Poxy is an epoxy coating system for both countertops and floors. It is among the clearest and hardest epoxies on the market. It can be used over nearly any substrate including but not limited to concrete, wood, laminate and stone. Can be used as a clear coat sealer or add solid color pigments and metallic powders to create nearly any look imaginable. All of this is backed by the outstanding customer service and support that Concrete Countertop Solutions is known for. 100% countertop safe. Not intended for outdoor use. Will darken concrete if used as a clear coat. To prevent darkening, Aqua-Poxy can be used as a primer coat. 

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  • Extreme Hardness and Durability
  • Self-leveling properties
  • Highest Resistance to Scratches and Heat
  • 100% Food Safe
  • Excellant Chemical Resistance
  • Crystal Clear High Gloss Coating
  • 100% Solids Content
  • Solvent Free & Low VOC

Ultra Z Poxy Coverage Chart

-Typically for 40 sq. ft. and under 1.5 gal will be sufficient for one primer and one top coat
-Typically for 80 sq. ft. and under 3 gal will be sufficient
for one primer and one top coat

Coverages will vary depending on thickness and number of coats. The chart above is a guideline to help you determine how much epoxy you will need to mix at one time.

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