The following Concrete Countertop Solutions, Inc. products are protected by patents in the United States, and in other foreign jurisdictions. This web page is provided to you to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act (AIA) (35 U.S.C. § 287(a)), and the patent marking provisions of other jurisdictions. The following list of CCS products may not be all inclusive, and products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents or patents pending.

Products Patent Number
Countertop Forms Patent Protected by US Patent 7,001,558; US Patent 11,224,995; EP Patent 3475501; DE Patent 60 2017 034 464.8; CH, ES, FR, GB and IE Patent 3475501; IT Patent 502021000043472
Ogee Edge Form Patent Protected by US Patent D805822
Modern Edge Form Patent Protected by US Patent D793138
Z Clip Patent Protected by US Patent 8,844,238; US Patent D738,194; US Patent D751369
Poolform System Patent Protected by US Patent 9,476,215; US Patent 10,358,836; US Patent 10,794,074; US Patent 11,149,457; US Patent D770644; US Patent D774213;
AU Patent 2014357636; AU Patent 2016266090; AU Patent 2019203574; AU Patent 2016276326; AU Patent 357003;
CH Patent 3307966; DE Patent 602016043784.8; ES, FR, GB, IE and EP Patent 3307966; IT Patent 502020000108782;
GB Patent 90025261860001; EM Patent 002526186-0001
Poolform Square Edge Backing Patent Protected by EM Patent 004528669-0002; EM Patent 004528669-0001;
GB Patent 90045286690001; GB Patent 90045286690002
Tileform Patent Protected by US Patent D869007