Square Edge Poolform Backing

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Form Length: 90" pcs - 60 ft. box
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The Square Edge Poolform Backing will replace the existing Poolform Backing (piece included with Poolforms that is used to hold the form liners in place). It is notched to bend and is compatible with the straight or bendable forms. This will eliminate the need for a Poolform Liner and save money on jobs using a flat square coping edge. Casting against the smooth PVC form will give you a polished 3" square edge with 1-1/2" overhang.

Package includes 8 - 7.5' pieces (60 linear ft). Poolform Base is NOT included.

To use, place the Z Poolform base in the Receiver Track or Liner Track (vinyl liner pool) just like normal. Instead of inserting a Liner and using the Poolform Backing to lock it into place, you will instead use this piece on the back of the Poolform. You can cast concrete directly against this form. The small radii on top and bottom of the form will remove sharp edges in the concrete to reduce chipping.

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