Slate Form Liner (Thin Insert)


Size: EuroForm - 1-1/4" tall
Sale price$35.00


****Due to high in-season demand, please allow 1 week for liners to ship. If expediting the order, please call to check availability. Online expedited orders will not be guaranteed***


Reusable, concrete form liner made to fit perfectly inside of Z Counterforms. Gives a realistic, slate edge to your counter. Made from the same high quality, long lasting polyurethane rubber as our Concrete Stamps and Poolform Liners .


Available for Square Edge Form (2-1/4" tall) and the EuroForm (1-1/4" tall). These liners are roughly 7.5' long and will vary slightly because of the tapered ends.


Our double sided Polyester Mounting Tape can be used to attach the form liners to the form. To ensure adhesion between tape and form liner, clean the backs of the form liner with denatured alcohol prior to use. For corners, ther form liner can be wrapped around a corner to create a radius corner or they can be square cut and terminated at the corner to give a sharp square corner. These thin liners have tapered ends so seams can be overlapped. A small amount of plumber's putty can be used at seams to minimize any seam lines.


Use our Slate Texture Mats (STM002) to create a matching slate countertop surface.







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