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Plastiforms are long lasting, reusable concrete form boards which are great for straight runs or a radius of any size. Each board is 3.5" tall to match typical 2x4 lumber and comes in 8' lengths. Sold by the individual piece. Great for use with the Z Poolform System .

Cam Locks and Connector Rods sold separate.

  • Reusable - Wood can be used only 3-4 times before it becomes warped or twisted. Plastiform can be used hundreds of times for many years.
  • Flexible - Plastiform is especially good for radius work. It can be free-formed to fit any curve up to a 3 foot bend radius. Forms can also be notched with a skill saw to accommodate tighter radii. (See photo below)
  • Labor Savings -Quicker set up and take down. No nailing or unnailing. Often pulled the same day. Easy to clean. Light weight is easier on crews and vehicles (1/3 the weight of lumber, 1/10 weight of steel).
  • Environmental - Made in the USA, these forms are made from high density polyethelene with silicon added for easy cleaning. Ultra violet inhibitors are added so the sun doesn’t break the material down. This allows for repeat use many, many years.

How to Use


To accommodate a tighter radius, slits can be cut through the back of the form board as seen in this picture.

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