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Heavy-duty, brushed stainless steel mounting bracket to hold raised floating countertops and bartops. These raised bar supports will provide a 6" lift if mounted flush with the top of the cabinet box. The raised countertop or bartop may be made from concrete, glass, stone, or any other countertop material. These two part brackets use a back mounting plate to eliminate relying on screws holding in your cabinet box. This greatly increases the holding power of these brackets and reduces the risk of damage to the cabinet.

Includes 1 bracket, 1 back plate, 1 set of 1-5/8" screws and one set of 2-5/8" screws (different cabinets may require different size screws)

  • Made from 1/4" - 304 stainless steel plates
  • All welds are hidden out of sight
  • Pristine brushed finish
  • Back plate prevents screwing directly into cabinet box and increases the holding power

Installation will be different depending on the type of cabinet. Below are some photos to show how they mount in a standard base cabinet. On this example, the lower support had to be added to allow the thickness of the cabinet wall to match the top plate. On many custom built cabinets, this will not be necessary. At least 3/4" cabinet walls are recommended or additional support braces can be added. We recommend spacing the brackets evenly every 3'-4' depending on the cabinet wall thickness and the raised bartop's weight. Two lengths of screws are included to accomodate most cabinets. If longer screws are needed, they can be purchased here. If the screws are too long and get in the way of the drawers, they can be cut with an angle grinder.


floating bar top bracket mounting

Floating countertop back mounting

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