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What Are Some Advantages of Integral Concrete Color?


Integral concrete color is unique in that the entire batch of concrete is colored completely through. Imagine you have added food coloring to cake icing and think about how it blends together. This is exactly how integral concrete color blends into concrete, allowing you to have a color that goes well beyond the concretes surface. The colors can be liquid, powdered, or granular and are usually a blend of natural or synthetic iron-oxide pigments that are designed to evenly disperse throughout concrete when mixed. The colors are usually soft earth tones that look fantastic as part of landscapes but also concrete furniture and countertops. However, they can be used for anything, and there are many color options.

The Main Advantage

The primary advantage of an integral concrete color, such as Z Terra-Tint, is that the entire concrete slab has the color throughout. It goes through from top to bottom. This means that if any scratches would occur, the slab isnt going to lose any color. In fact, a scratch will be less noticeable for this reason.

The Colors Dont Fade

Another advantage is that the colors dont fade or wear away over time. Because the pigments are chemically stable, exposure to ultraviolet light and the weather wont cause the colors to fade. This means getting more time out of this colored concrete than some of the other types that are on the market today. The color remains indefinitely, especially when properly cared for.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance for concrete using integral color is typically rather low. However, adding a clear sealer provides even more protection from oil, chemicals, and grease stains. A sealer can also intensify the color effects. If the sealer is high gloss, then you will get a reflective shine that can make a room a little brighter.

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