Our Cantilevered Pool Deck Edge Is Perfect for Fiberglass

Posted on January 11, 2015


You may have noticed over the years that fiberglass pools have become more and more popular with pool builders and installers. There are a number of reasons for this, of course. As more and more people see them, more and more people want them for their own home. Fiberglass pools have also become much more affordable. While the list of reasons to go with a fiberglass pool is extensive, don’t forget that there are also a number of ways pool builders can offer their customers a unique look and make a bigger profit in the process.

One smart option is with a cantilevered concrete pool deck edge. In the past, many people didn’t like fiberglass pools because they were said to often resemble bathtubs. There was no good looking way to apply a modern looking edge to them, so these pools simply met the surface at a roughly 90 degree angle and that was it. To many, this gave them the look of a bathtub. To many, it just looked like a cheap solutions to a pool.

Thanks to a cantilevered pool deck edge, though, fiberglass pools are now just as fashionable as those made from concrete. Not only can fiberglass pools take on all kinds of shapes and hold them against a good deal of pressure or change in temperatures (which can cause cracking in concrete versions), now they can also have a beautiful deck and edge to them as well.

Obviously, this is a good thing for customers. They don’t have to choose between the fiberglass pools they want and a concrete model because the latter can actually have a cantilevered edge. However, this is good news for you as well. Like we mentioned earlier, being able to install a cantilevered pool deck edge means you can make more from each installation.

However, this now means you can install more fiberglass pools as well. If your customers are familiar with them from years ago, let them know a cutting edge look of a cantilevered pool edge is now a possibility. Like any other pool, there are a number of different options for the pool coping edge. Meaning they can make theirs as distinct as they like or simply blend it in with the pool deck and general style of their property.

Thanks to a cantilevered pool deck edge, your customers don’t have to shy away from fiberglass. Use this to your advantage by offering them a number of different options to choose from and keeping them happy in the process. 

Our cantilevered pool deck edge is perfect for fiberglass