Understanding the Z Poolform System: Forms, Tracks & Liners

Posted on January 07, 2015


When it comes to installing a pool, one of the hardest parts for many Contractors is the coping, which is the area where your deck joins the pool edge. If you have opted to use a cantilever or poured concrete pool edge, you will need to understand the tools available, and how each one will help you get the look you are hoping to achieve. At Concrete Countertop Solutions, we have a full line of Z Poolform products, and each plays a key role in your design options.

Z Poolform - Coping Forming System

Our Z Poolform is designed make the entire installation process easier, and leave it looking great. Unlike Styrofoam forms, the Z line is made from PVC, and is reusable. This method provides a cleaner, more uniform finished product that is free from errors, which is something that is just not possible with the Styrofoam option.

  • Z Poolform - This form can be used with fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl liner pools. This form is rigid, and has interchangeable form liners that lock into place to help you create a wide range of textures and edge profiles. When purchasing, you will receive the back peice and base form.
  • Bendable Z Poolform -Same great form as the Z Poolform except it comes notched to allow the form to bend. It is flexible enough to conform to areas with a six-inch radius for round corners or freeform pools.

On a vinyl liner pool, the Z Poolform will attach directly in to the liner track. For fiberglass or concrete pools, the Receiver Track is used to mount the Z Poolform.

Receiver Track

You must have the receiver track in order to use the Z poolforms on fiberglass or concrete pools. This track is installed directly to the pool wall. Unlike the Poolforms, this track will be left in place after pouring. There is a flexible option available for use with the bendable Z Poolform for freeform pools.


The Z poolform liners allow you to create a decorative edge of your choosing for your coping. These flexible rubber liners lock into the bendable or rigid Z Poolform, and ensure that your edge has a distinct, decorative finish that works well with the rest of your design elements. There are seven different options available:

  • Square - This gives the coping edge a straight, uniform edge.
  • Bullnose - Provides a rounded edge that is safer when children are using the pool.
  • Bermuda - Used for a capstone edge
  • Chiseled Stone - Provides a rougher edge that resembles chiseled stone
  • Chiseled Slate - Gives a decorative edge that looks like chiseled slate
  • Bullnose Slate - Provides a bullnose edge that has a slate texture
  • Bullnose Travertine - Provides the rounded bullnose edge with a travertine texture.

These pool coping tools are the latest in poolform options, and they provide an easier to use, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly choice for all of your pool coping needs.


Understanding the z poolform system