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Anticipated Trends for Concrete Countertops in 2017

Countertops done by Jenise from using our White Countertop Mix and Square Edge Forms

Considering the advances made in concrete countertops, it is hard to imagine that 2017 can get any better. However, every year, new methods, products, and technologies are developed. For experts who design and build countertops, this allows them to pass new options to their customers. For you as the customer, this gives you the opportunity to create an even more incredible bathroom, kitchen, or bar.

For both home and business owners, concrete countertops in the coming year will be more exciting. People love concrete countertops because they look amazing, wear well, are easy to clean and maintain, are strong and durable, and last a long time. In addition, colors and textures are used to create one-of-a-kind countertop designs.

Your kitchen should be a reflection of your personal style as well as a place that provides functionality for prepping and cooking meals. With the anticipated changes for 2017, this room of the home will become even more of a focal point.

One anticipated change is the introduction of new colors. While you already have access to both subtle and bold colors, property owners have expressed a desire for more. Therefore, you can expect to see a broader spectrum of choices used by experts to design concrete countertops with one or a combination of colors.

Concrete countertops will probably be designed with a wider range of natural materials. Not only do aggregates create a unique aesthetic, they make the countertops more environmentally friendly. With so many people making green choices, this design concept is expected to be widely received.

There will also be more variation in patterns and textures. Experts who design and build concrete countertops have the ability to add all types of designs in the form of patterns and textures. However, in 2017, there will likely be even more creative options.

Just remember that no matter which concrete countertop predictions come true, it is important that you work with high-quality products. Concrete Countertop Solutions offers a wide variety of high-quality products to take your design inspirations to an entirely new level.


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