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Pool Coping - What Is It?

Posted on December 02, 2014


So, you're planning on installing a pool - good for you! It's a great way to beautify your property, and to provide a source of comfort and enjoyment on hot summer days without having to pack up the whole family and head for the beach.

Of course you've been doing your research, and you know that theres considerably more to pool installation than just digging a hole, lining it and then filling it with water. You're going to have to finish it attractively, and part of the process will involve choosing the proper pool coping.

It's simple. Pool coping is the edging that you put around your pools top edge, and it serves two purposes. First, it protects your pool structure from all that surrounds it. Second, it's an important component in the overall appearance of your pool.

There are different types of coping. Typically, it comes in square edged (straight down) or bull nose (rounded edges). The style you select will depend on how you want the pool to look, and also who will be using it. Bull nose coping, for instance, may be the better choice if you have children who might bump their heads on the pools edging. Less boisterous users will be fine with square edge coping, so if thats the finish you prefer, go for it.

Pool coping is available in various materials, including stone, brick and pavers. These materials can be a bit difficult to install, though, as you need to worry about keeping each and every stone or brick level for both aesthetics and safety.

Another option is an aluminum coping. This coping is a bit easier to install but is not very aesthetically pleasing. It is usually regarded as the ugliest choice, but it is often used because of its cheap price point.

You could, of course, go with cantilevered concrete coping. At Concrete Countertop Solutions, we're pleased to offer the Z Poolform line of pool coping edge forms, along with a selection of interchangeable liners that offer you different textures and edging profiles.

The system is incredibly easy to use, and works with fiberglass, gunite and vinyl lined pools. On vinyl pool liners, all you need to do is lock the forms to the liner track. On fiberglass or gunite, a special receiver track eliminates the need for tie-wires you would have on traditional Styrofoam forms. Then, insert the rubber form liners, and create your concrete edging. Z Poolforms are re-usable and eliminate all the waste you are left with when using Styrofoam.

Pool coping - what is it?