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Pool Coping for Fiberglass Pools - Which Option is Best for You?

Posted on December 02, 2014

Once a fiberglass swimming pool is installed, there are a few options for the final finish. The coping could be left exposed, stone or pavers could be installed around the coping, or concrete edging could be poured. Each method has its advantages, so which is best?

Exposed Fiberglass Coping

This is indisputably the least expensive option, and it's not unattractive. In fact, it can serve to highlight the landscaping around your pool. The downside is that the pool coping can be hard to maintain. The coping receives constant sun exposure, and if you're going to keep it looking good, you'll have to clean and wax it regularly - about as often as you wash and wax your car. That can take up a lot of time that could be better spent in the water, or lounging at poolside.

Stone or Pavers

If you have deep pockets, stone may be a good option for you. Its a very attractive finish for your pool coping, and natural stone is also highly skid-resistant. Because of the small pores that are present in natural stone, it will also prevent excessive buildup of heat, which can be uncomfortable on bare toes.

Pavers are manufactured, and available in a variety of colors and textures. Some have small holes built into the forms, so theres as little heat buildup as there is with natural stone.

The disadvantage to both pavers and natural stone is that they're expensive. It's also difficult to place each stone at exactly the same height, which is essential for an attractive, safe surface. On curved pools, each stone has to be cut to fit, and this can take a lot of time and manpower.

Cantilevered Concrete Coping

Concrete edging adds a beautiful finish to your fiberglass pool. It offers clean lines, and protects your pool coping from exposure to the sun, and also from chipping or cracking. Z Poolform pool coping edge forms can be used with a variety of different form liners, so you're not limited to a single style or texture. You can go with a sleek, classic look, or select the appearance of slate, stone and other materials.

Your pool coping is what connects your deck to the actual pool, so you want to be sure that the final finish is attractive, and suits your budget and lifestyle. Stone and pavers are expensive, and exposed fiberglass requires an investment in time in order to keep it looking good. Concrete is easily installed, cost-effective, and requires little maintenance. From that perspective, it can be the best choice for your fiberglass pool.



Pool coping for fiberglass pools - which option is best?