Concrete Countertop Solutions releases new Micro-Topping system for use with your DIY concrete countertop

Posted on February 06, 2014

Concrete Countertop Solutions, an industry leader in DIY concrete countertop products, is proud to announce the release of our new Tru Impressions Canvas Microtopping. This microtopping is an easy to use, trowelable style mix that can be used on a variety of interior surfaces. The microtopping is applied in a very thin layer (1/8th of an inch - 1/16th.) on top of the existing concrete surface using Tru Impressions Flexy-Bo Bonder as a primer.

This unique mix gives you the opportunity to mimic the look of freshly troweled concrete and is perfect for restoring your worn out concrete countertops. Our specialized proprietary blend has an incredibly quick turnaround time. You're ready to stain and seal just 24 hours after resurfacing your concrete countertop! The blends off-white color also allows your stains to appear brighter than they would on a regular concrete countertop.

Like all of our products, our microtopping mix was designed especially for DIYs like you. In just 3 simple steps, you can have your tired looking countertops resurfaced and looking like new. Just apply a thin layer of the Tru Impressions Flexy-Bo Bonder to your concrete surface, add water to the microtopping mix, and trowel the mix over your countertop until it is thin and even. Let the microtopping cure overnight, and just like you'll have your countertops looking as new as the day you poured them.


Concrete countertop solutions releases new micro-topping system for use with your diy concrete countertop