DIY Concrete Countertops Are a Great Option for Rental Properties

Posted on June 09, 2014

Many people across the United States have found extra income through the buying and renovation of rental properties. There are many people who rent houses and apartments, including college students, young families, professionals that split time across multiple cities and others. They all need a safe, comfortable place to live, and you can make money by owning the property and leasing it to them.

Of course, when investing in a rental property, you have to make smart decisions. You should renovate the house or apartment enough that it will appeal to an interested renter, but you dont want to sink such a large amount of money into the space that you will never see black ink in your ledger. That is why DIY concrete countertops are a great option for rental properties.

The two most important rooms in the home according to nearly everyone from homeowners and homebuyers to renters are kitchens and bathrooms. Luckily, concrete countertops are an easy to create and economical choice for both areas. Instead of investing a large sum of money into granite countertops in the kitchen, buying a complete set of vanity cabinets, or tiling a shower area, you should consider DIY concrete.

Countertops are important, and many renters will pay a premium for a home that features good quality materials. By making the countertops yourself, with the help of products like the Z Liqui-Crete System, you will save money over a completely professional installation, but still create a great looking surface. It will also be durable and easy to maintain.

You can add sealers, polish or stain to the concrete to create a high-end or custom look that will appeal to quality renters, potentially for the long term. That means you will keep the house or apartment from regular vacancy and keep rent checks coming in (on time) every month.

In addition to the kitchen, bathrooms are great areas to incorporate DIY countertops. Many bathroom vanity areas look old and dated, especially in houses and apartments that were built decades ago. A sleek and modern concrete countertop never goes out of style. You can even incorporate a sink into your DIY concrete countertop to make it a perfect finished look.

You invest in real estate in order to make money - its that simple. Since you need to make the property look good to appeal to renters, but also make cost conscious decisions, DIY concrete countertops are a great option.


Concrete countertops for rental properties