Choosing Concrete Countertop Mixes

Posted on August 27, 2014

If you work in construction and you build residential homes for your clients, then one very important area to focus on is the kitchen. People love a dream kitchen that allows them to spend time with their family, cook delicious meals, and entertain guests. Of course, one important element in the kitchen is the countertop. These days, more people are choosing concrete because it is durable, beautiful, and extremely hard to damage. You probably already know that it is also cost effective.

When you begin offering concrete countertops, then you will want to find a mix that works well for your clients and is versatile enough to use in almost any situation whether you use concrete countertop forms or not.

According to some you could choose to make your own concrete mix, but that takes a lot of time and patience. And, if you don't have a really good recipe, then it wont work out well and your clients will not be happy. An engineered concrete mix is the better option, but you have to choose a high-grade type that will look good and work well in many situations.

Thats why you should consider the Z Counterform white countertop mix. This high quality mix is designed specifically for countertops and it offers many advantages. These include:

  • A white mix that can work well with stains and integral colors of your choice, making it versatile for any home construction project
  • A quick cure mixture that will be ready for polishing in just 24 hours
  • A reactive fiber system that is designed to ensure the countertops are durable, strong, and long lasting
  • A mixture that doesn't curl or shrink

As a construction contractor, you know that this white countertop mix addresses some of the many issues that come from other mixes that you could choose. That means it is the ideal option for many situations. Think about how much it will even speed up your deadline times if you don't have to wait any more than a day to start grinding and polishing. It certainly will ensure you are able to move on to the next project much more quickly.

Concrete countertops are now more popular than ever, and they are very versatile, so they are certainly something you should be offering your customers. Consider white countertop mix from Concrete Countertop Solutions. It will offer the versatility, strength and style that you want.


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Choosing concrete countertop mixes