Countertop Case Study: Homeowners Get "Stone" Countertop of Their Dreams

Posted on July 14, 2014

Stone countertops are durable, attractive, naturally appealing, and incredibly expensive. Though many home and business owners would love to install stone countertops in kitchen, work, and bathroom areas, the budget just won't accommodate. This leaves many believing that the only option is "faux" stone facings on the different surfaces in the work or living space, and these rarely come close to the real thing.

It is possible to recreate the look of stone countertops using the same methods put to work for DIY concrete countertops. With a few basic steps and tools, a very realistic stone effect can be enjoyed.

Use the Right Concrete Countertop Products

It does not matter if you are skilled in handling concrete or if you don't know one end of a trowel from the other, it won't take you long to discover the different ways to design and create your own concrete countertop. The popularity of concrete as a material makes sense - it is environmentally friendly, affordable, and a very flexible material to put to use. This makes it a natural for countertops, and DIY concrete countertops are a steadily increasing trend.

This is why one couple decided to explore their options when they began to update their home and selected overpriced stone countertops for the kitchen. They could not believe what it would cost them to have their mid-sized kitchen redone with attractive, natural, and long-lasting stone. They complained to friends, and one asked why they didn't choose a concrete countertop instead.

The couple was surprised that the friend would think that concrete could possibly meet their needs when they had already chosen stone. The couple felt that concrete would be a cheap substitute, but then they were shown the different concrete countertop products available, and they were astonished.

They saw that Concrete Countertop Solutions sold a line of products known as Z-Counterform. A simple system that would allow even a novice to design and create DIY concrete countertops easily; it also had stone form liners and textured mats specifically designed to emulate the texture of stone.


Along with these easy to use texturizing concrete countertop products, there were many stains, sealers and polishes that would allow them to also color the concrete to complete the realistic stone finish. Though the couple could have handled it themselves, they preferred to hire an expert to use the different forms and to apply the finishes. The concrete countertop that resulted was stunning, and no one entering the home had any idea that they were touching concrete rather than real stone.


In this simple case study it is easy to see that stone countertops - while gorgeous and appealing - just cannot compare to the cost effectiveness of well-made concrete countertops. When you take the time to find the right concrete countertop products, and to explore the many options in texture, finish, and design, you will be able to create any result desired. Don't let your budget fool you into thinking your options are limited - customized concrete countertops do offer an original and unique solution.

Case study: homeowners get "stone" countertop of their dreams