Replacement Micro-Fiber Applictor Pads (2)

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Replacement pads for the Micro-Fiber Applicator Set with Handle.

This applicator pad is perfect for applying many different concrete sealers, including the SiAcryl 14/ Counter-Shine, Aqua-Poxy and the Ultra Z Poxy.

SiAcryl 14 - For a penetrating sealer like SiAcryl 14 the pad can be used to rub the sealer and work it into the concrete. Remember, this is a penetrating product so you should continue to work the sealer until it all disappears - meaning it has fully absorbed.  The same application can be done for the Counter-Shine.

Aqua-Poxy - the pad can be used to spread and gauge the epoxy with minimum effort. This allows you to apply a very thin layer or leave the epoxy on heavy for a thicker coating. There is no need to apply much downward force. Let the weight of the pads float the epoxy as it flows over the surface.

Ultra Z Poxy - Pour the epoxy out onto the counter in evenly spaced lines (about 3" apart). Use the applicator pad to float the epoxy and spread it out to the desired thickness. The use of a heat gun will still be necessary to pop any bubbles that form in the epoxy during mixing or application.

Includes: Two pads measuring 9"x4" each.

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