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The Z Poolform Bendable Liner Track is used to mount the Bendable Poolform on a free form vinyl liner pool as well as hold your pool liner. This product is meant as a replacement to the HZ Track or HM-1 liner tracks. The Z Poolform Liner Track can be fastened to the pool wall with the use of our 1" Construction Screws.

  • Will bend to a 6" radius on inside and outside corners making corner pieces unnecessary.
  • Compatible with most Standard Bead Liners. 
  • Track is 3" wide (ideal for use with concrete wall liner pools).
  • Because it is made from extruded PVC, it is safe for use with saltwater systems and bonding is not necessary.

This package contains sixteen 8’ pieces (128 linear feet) of Bendable Liner Track (BLT-001). The receiver track is NOT reusable because it is left in place to hold the pool liner. 

Straight (non-notched) is available here

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