Custom Tile Designs

Below are a few designs we came up with to give you some ideas of what can be done.


Gloss Subway Tile

This tile was poured with just our White Countertop Mix . If whiter tile is desired, you can ad the Bright White Color-Pack .


This is your classic subway tile look. Here we are using a chair rail at the top and two rows of pencil tile in the middle. Between the pencil tile, the subway tile is laid out in your classic horizontal brick pattern. Above and below the pencil the tile are in a vertical pattern. The vertical tile on top and bottom help break up the pattern and add a nice style element.


Dimpled Subway Tile

This tile was created with our White Countertop Mix and spraying liquid Z Release into the Tileform trays then pouring the concrete while the release is still wet in the tray. The release will not leave a residue on the concrete but the liquid sitting in the tray will leave a slight dimpled texture on the tile which can be a unique style element. Click on the photo above to enlarge so you can see the texture.


The tile below is laid out in a vertical brick pattern. Above, you have two rows of horizontal subway tile laid between two rows of pencil tile and a row of chair rail at the top.



Two-tone Dry Pack

This is one of our favorite and most unique looks. To create this, we started with a very dry mixture of our White Countertop Mix and added some Charcoal Terra-Tint (5 grams per 10 lbs of concrete) and pressed this concrete into the Tileform molds. Then we can came with a flowable mix that contained double the pigment to fill some of the voids with a darker concrete. The third color comes from grouting the tile which fills the remainder of the voids. This was done with three shades of gray but any color or combination of different colors can be used.


From top down, we have a char rail followed by a pencil tile. Beneath this we have our subway tile laid out in a herringbone pattern. Next, we have another chair rail followed by another pencil tile and finally a single row of vertical subway tiles.



Dry Pack Tile

These tiles were created in the same fashion as the two-tone dry pack however, we used the same amount of pigment for the dry pack mix and the flowable backup mix. Here we used 10 grams of Sand Terra-Tint in 10 lbs of our White Countertop Mix . This gives you something reminiscent of travertine. In this case, the grout provides the second color.


Starting from the top down, we have a chair rail followed by two rows of subway tile in a brick pattern. Then we have a pencil, however, this pencil tile was created by filling our chair rail mold partially with concrete. As you can see, this creates a larger pencil tile. Below, we have more subway tile in a brick pattern and one more row of regular pencil tile.


Multi-tone Tile

For this sample we poured three separate batches of subway tile using varying amounts of Charcoal Terra-Tint . The Terra-Tint varied between 10 and 20 grams in 10 lbs of our White Countertop Mix. This created a light, medium and dark gray tile which were arranged at random on the board.


Here you see two chair rail tiles at the top followed by a horizontal grid pattern of subway tile. Below, two rows of pencil tile sandwich a single row of subway tile and finished with a row of vertical subway tile.