Answers to your DIY concrete countertop project questions.

Q. What products do I need? Do you sell a kit with everything?

A. Since every job is so different, all products have to be ordered individually. To help you figure out what you might need, we do have a Product Guide and Information Page.


Q. What is the difference between the Z Liqui-Crete add mix and the Z Counter-Pack add mix?

A. The difference between the two is the consistency of the mix. The Liqui-Crete is designed to use slightly more water, giving you a more flowable mix that will flow throughout the fiberglass mesh reinforcement. If you are using a more traditional reinforcement such as welded wire mesh, you will be better off with Counter-Pack. Both will achieve about 7500psi @ 28 days.


Q. I ordered a Sink Form but I don't see it in my shipment. Does that ship seperately?

A. The Sink Form will come in the same package as the Countertop Edge Forms.


Q. Which sealer should I use?

A. Z SiAcryl 14: Easy to apply penetrating sealer. Satin finish. Will not alter color of concrete or leave thick coating on concrete surface. Best used over highly polished concrete (over 800 grit) or tightly finished/ burnished surfaces. Z Countershine Polish can be added to increase gloss. Can be used outdoors.

Z Aqua-Poxy: 2 part, easy to apply epoxy sealer. Semi gloss finish. Will slightly enhance coloring of countertop without darkening. Put on mulptiple coats to build up thick epoxy look. Not safe for outdoor use.

Ultra Z Poxy: 2 part traditional epoxy sealer. High gloss finish, will significantly darken countertop. Will give you thick, wet epoxy look. Can add epoxy pigments or metallic powders to create colors and effects. Not for outdoor use.

Aqua-Thane M35: A water-based polyurethane that forms an impermeable topical shell to offer some of the best stain protection and scratch resistance. It is applied in thin coats with a roller and WILL NOT darken or "wet out" the concrete. Has a low luster matte to satin finsih. Can be used outdoors.

Aqua-Thane G40: A water-based polyurethane that forms an impermeable topical shell to offer some of the best stain protection and scratch resistance. Is applied in thin coats with a roller and WILL darken the concrete. Has a gloss finish. Can be used outdoors.

**All of our sealers are 100% countertop safe**


Q. When can I snap off the forms?

A. The forms can be snapped off 24-48 hours after pouring.


Q. When can I begin sanding?

A. You should wait 48 hours until you do any sanding or polishing.


Q. When can I start staining my countertop?

A. You can begin staining 4 days after pouring


Q. When can I seal my countertop?

A. If you are using the SiAcryl 14, you can begin sealing 4-5 days after pouring. If you are using an epoxy sealer you must make sure the concrete is 100% cured. This can take as long as 28 days, however, on a slab this thick you will usually be safe after 10 days.


Q. What are the Z-Counterforms made of?

A. Z-Counterforms are made of a proprietary mix of PVC.


Q. How do I make corners?

A. Corners are simply mitered with an ordinary miter saw. Any angle can be easily achieved.


Q. How is Z counterform removed once concrete has cured?

A. Because of Z counterform’s patented design simply pull the form forward and it will snap clean revealing a smooth edge.


Q. Are Z-Counterforms re-useable?

A. No, because the tab under the concrete top stays in place when you snap off the Z-Counterform.


Q. How do you ship and where does it come from?



Q. Can I return items that I have purchased?