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The Color-Pack is a pre-measured bag of integral pigment meant for use with our White Countertop Mix . Combine one Color-Pack with one bag of our White Countertop Mix to get the color shown in the color charts below. Color-Pack can be used with any 50 or 60 lb concrete bagged mix but colors will vary depending on the concrete mix used. Always test by making a sample piece first to confirm results. DO NOT exceed one Color-Pack per bag of White Countertop Mix.

Colors (Color Chart Below)

Bright White - ~12 oz. Titanium Oxide (4% color load in White Countertop Mix) - Will whiten concrete

Gunmetal - ~24 oz. Iron Oxide (8% color load in White Countertop Mix) - Dark gray

Black - ~9oz. Carbon Black (3% color load in White Countertop Mix) - NOT SAFE FOR OUTDOOR USE - darkest color achievable through integral pigment.

Warning: Colors may vary. This color chart is meant to be used as an approximation only. All of these color swatches were created using our White Countertop Mix. Using this concrete mix will yield similar colors to what you see below but a test should always be done first since monitor colors settings will cause variation in what you see on your screen.

Integral Concrete Color Chart

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