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Z Release is a specially formulated colorless bond breaker designed to prevent freshly placed concrete from adhering to texturing mats and form liners.


DIRECTIONS: Place, vibrate and float the concrete surface according to standard ACI recommendations. Cover or protect adjacent surfaces. Following the initial floating, when excess moisture is no longer evident, apply Z Release liberally to the texture mats and to the concrete using a pump type sprayer. To avoid evaporation of the material, apply Z Release only in the area where the next few mats are to be placed. One gallon Z Release will be sufficient for approximately 150 square feet of concrete surface. Immediately begin the texturing application. Do not trowel or mix Z Release into the concrete surface. To make corrections on the plastic concrete surface, use the texturing tool to press out unwanted impressions. Upon completion of the stamping process, clean texturing mats using plain water. If using a form liner, apply Z Release lilberally to the liner with pump type sprayer or spray bottle moments before placing concrete. Once concrete is sufficiently set, you can deform and rinse liners with plain water.

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