Square Edge Countertop Form

SKU: SE-002-S

Form Length: 90"
Package Size: Half Package - 30 Feet
Sale price$149.00


The Square Edge Z Counterform is ideal for cast-in-place concrete countertops where a clean flat edge profile is desired.  

Full Package -  includes eight - 90" profile pieces (60 linear feet) and eight - 90" backwall pieces (60 linear feet).

Half Package -  includes four - 90" profile pieces (30 linear feet) and four - 90" backwall pieces (30 linear feet).


To use, place 1/2" cement board (Durock or Hardie Backer) on top of the cabinets. The cement board should be cut flush to the edge of the cabinets and held in place with silicon caulking. The forms will then be screwed into the cement board with a 5/8" x #10 panhead screw . After the concrete is poured, the forms are snapped off along the designated "break point" to reveal a beautiful clean edge.


For more detailed instructions and advanced techniques, please watch our Full Instructional Video .

**If using Ikea Sektion or other frameless cabinets, please see our resources here for more info.  

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