Z Aqua-Poxy (2 qt. epoxy sealer)

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Water Based Epoxy Sealer

Z Aqua-Poxy is a 2 part water based epoxy for concrete floors and countertops. Z Aqua-Poxy offers the protection of a traditional epoxy with the ease of application of a water based sealer. It is simple to apply and may be used as a medium gloss finish with little to no incedental darkening. Z Aqua-Poxy goes on thin and can be built up to a traditional epoxy thickness by applying 2-3 coats. It can also be used as a primer coat for any number of other desired coatings such as Ultra Z Poxy. By using Z Aqua-Poxy as a primer, you will eliminate the darkening that occurs with Ultra Z Poxy or other traditional epoxies. Detailed instructions included on the bottle. 100% countertop safe.

Not intended for outdoor use.

Includes 2 Quarts. Will cover approx. 75-100 Sq. Ft. @  2-3 coats

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Note: For a thicker application more coats can be applied. A light sanding must be done between each coat. You can also apply the epoxy in thicker coats by gauging and floating it it with one of our applicator pads rather than rolling it on.

**Avoid sticking tape to sealed concrete. Chemical bonds can form between glue and sealer which can be strong enough to pull off sealer and stain. If this happens, these areas can normally be sanded and spot fixed**

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