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Z Counterform Concrete Countertop Mix is a pre-blended, all in one, high strength castable, white concrete mix designed for the creation of concrete countertops and much more. It offers the very best blend of white sand and marble aggregates, white Portland cement and proprietary admixtures to help minimize curling, shrinking or deformation. The use of a specialized acrylic fiber network and the high flexural strength greatly limits the chance of cracking (no Liqui-Crete needed). This highly flowable, near self-leveling mix makes Z Counterform Countertop Mix the perfect choice for both your precast and cast-in-place designs and can be cast as thin as 1" for countertop applications. Highly recommended to use the Lexan Float and Chrome Finishing Trowel when using this product in order to prevent any burn or transfer of color from the tools to the White Concrete.

Pre-Casting - If using this mix to cast upside down in a mold, it is highly recommend to wet cure or to keep covered with plastic for 48-72 hours in order to reduce the chance of curling. This happens when the top surface that is open to air cures at a faster rate than the concrete inside the mold.

Pallet Pricing at 63 bags ($24/bag)

We do not ship White Countertop Mix outside the Lower 48 States. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and the Caribbean can arrange transport with a freight forwarder of their choosing. Canadian customers can order through a distributor

White Countertop Calculator

Enter the square footage of countertop space (Length x Width). We recommend adding an additional 1-2 bags to account for any accidents or measurement discrepancies. 

sq. ft.

Download Technical Data Sheet

COVERAGE: 0.43 cubic ft. per bag - 3 sq. ft. @ 1-5/8” (standard Z Counterform) - 1.9 sq. ft. @ 2-5/8” (Commerical Z Counterform) - 5.1 sq. ft. @ 1” (Euro Z Counterform) - 2.5 sq. ft. @ 2”

Tileform Coverages: Will make approx 132 Subway Tiles (16.5 sq. ft.) - approx 45 Chair Rail Tiles (45 linear ft.) - approx 180 Pencil Tiles (180 linear ft)

  • Non intrusive fiber system for improved tensile strength.
  • Impressive 9700 psi @ 28 days.
  • Highly flowable so it will pour easily through our FG50 Mesh and leave limited "honeycomb" in edges.
  • Near self leveling properties means minimal effort finishing.
  • Can be cast as thin as 1" for countertop applications.
  • Quick cure time allows for grinding and polishing 24 hrs later.
  • Works with all stains, integral colors and hardeners.
  • 47 lb bags.


This video shows proper the proper mixing technique to achieve a pourable consistency concrete mix. Less water may be used if a dryer, packable mix is desired. For proper finishing instructions, please see our video "How to Mix, Pour and Finish Z Liqui-Crete". The finishing process will be the same for both mixes.


Use a Bright White Color-Pack to whiten the mix even more. One Color-Pack per 47lb. bag will give you an even whiter appearance.

Note: The finish of the concrete will affect the final color. This color chart is meant to only serve as an example of what to expect. Also, computer monitor brightness and temperature may effect the color you are seeing. Always make a sample piece first to verify color. 

White Concrete Countertop Mix Color Chart

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