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What Textured Concrete Skins Work Best for a Rustic Kitchen?

Although a large number of people prefer an ultra-contemporary kitchen, there are just as many who love a rustic kitchen. With a rustic kitchen, you can choose subtle or over-the-top design elements. Regardless of your preference, an excellent way to complement your kitchen design is with textured concrete skins.

Textured concrete skins, also referred to as mats, are extremely thin and pliable. To create a seamless texture void of any grout lines, the edges of the skins are feathered. Because skins come in a wide range of textured patterns, you can achieve virtually any look that you want. You may prefer less detail or countertops with pronounced texturing.

To create the perfect countertops for your rustic kitchen, one skin or a combination of several textured concrete skins are used. Due to the way that the skins are made, they are ideal for all countertop sizes and configurations. They fit snugly against the edges, ensuring a clean and seamless design. Because the skins have varying shallow patterns, they can also be used to add unique texture to micro-toppings or overlays.

The possibilities for a rustic kitchen are limited only by your imagination and the creativity of the installer. Although you have many amazing options, to create an inviting kitchen space where people love to congregate and talk, you might consider textured concrete skins that create the look and feel of fractured slate in a deep green, fractured earth in a rich brown, or river stone that has a combination of warmer colors.

Textured concrete skins are also used to replicate brick and all types of natural stone, including limestone, flagstone, canyon stone, sandstone, and more, as well as amazing customized patterns. For example, you can have your countertops designed to feature coyote footprints, oak or maple tree leaves, pinecones and needles, and the list goes on.


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