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The Top Reasons Why an Outdoor Concrete Sealer is So Important

If you have a concrete driveway, patio, walkway, pool deck, or some other surface, you want to maintain its beauty and durability for years. Fortunately, this can be accomplished by sealing the surface.

There are several vital reasons why using an outdoor concrete sealer is so important. Either a topical or penetrating sealer can be applied to a concrete surface as a protective layer. The difference is that a topical sealer is typically a coating that is sprayed or rolled on and creates a layer above the concrete whereas a penetrating sealer will generally absorb into the concrete to form a chemical barrier against moisture.

  • Mold Inhibitor - Because concrete is a porous material, it absorbs moisture. Therefore, if moisture is left unattended for long periods of time, a mold problem can develop. With an outdoor concrete sealer, mold and mildew are not common.
  • Enhanced Durability - Another reason why a sealer is so important is that it helps enhance the concrete's durability. For any concrete surface, outdoor elements can cause an array of problems, including scaling, cracking, pitting, and so on. A sealer creates a protective layer that prevents environmental damage. This includes from harsh sunlight, moisture, freezing and thaw cycles, hail, oil spills, and more.
  • Longer Lifespan - Another reason to use an outdoor concrete sealer is that it will help extend the life of the surface. For example, most concrete driveways are supposed to last anywhere from 25 to 30 years. However, during that time, an unsealed surface would experience damage and discoloration that ultimately diminishes the driveway
  • Improved Aesthetics would start to look dingy and old. With a topical or integral outdoor concrete sealer, the original concrete color remains perfectly intact.
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