Home Renovation with Concrete Countertop Solutions

Posted on March 17, 2014

Kitchen Renovation with Concrete Countertop Solutions

If you are renovating your kitchen or installing an outdoor kitchen, you may be struggling in the planning stages. There are so many options out there for every element of a kitchen. Perhaps the most important choice you will make for your kitchen is the material of your countertops. There are many popular choices for countertops, but one that may have escaped your attention is concrete. Concrete countertops can be both beautiful and durable, and with Concrete Countertop Solutions, they don't have to be difficult, either.

Why Concrete Countertops?

You may be questioning why you would even want concrete for your countertops. If so, you probably do not yet know about the properties of decorative concrete. Various stains, edge design and finishes have been created for concrete that can make it look stunning, very similar to natural stone. Once it has been beautified, concrete actually has many advantages over stone, too. It is certainly much cheaper than expensive quarried granite or similar materials. And with Concrete Countertop Solutions sealer applied at the end of your process, you'll have a material that is more water and spill-resistant than porous stone or tile grout.

Also, because creating concrete countertops is a casting process rather than a cutting process, you can make countertops that are much more customized. You can create a Concrete Countertop Solutions counter in one long block with no seams or make uniquely shaped counters. And while you will need tools, you wont need the kind of industrial saws required to cut through stone.

How Do I Start?

You start by planning. Although the casting process gives you more customization than cutting, it also means that you cant afford to make any mistakes in your measurements. You'll also need to decide what color and texture you want your counters to be.

Once you have made your decisions, set up your forms, either in a separate work area for pre-cast or directly on your cabinets for cast in place. Use your Concrete Countertop Solutions forms and concrete admixture to create your counters and wait for them to cure. Apply your desired surface color, and then a sealer, waiting the appropriate amount of time between each. And then you're done! Obviously, it is a little bit complicated and does take some knowhow, but overall it is definitely a doable project. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can call Concrete Countertop Solutions at 570-587-3799 or look into classes.

Concrete Countertop Solutions

Concrete Countertop Solutions offers premier forms, edges, concrete countertop admixtures, stains, sealers, and more. Everything that you could possibly need to create concrete counters in your home can be purchased in just a few clicks and delivered right to your door. They also offer instructional videos, so if you are unsure exactly how to use a product or form your counters, you can easily learn more. Use Concrete Countertop Solutions to start your kitchen renovation or construction off right with beautiful, elegant, and affordable concrete countertops stained to match your tastes.


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