Make a Statement with Your Concrete Countertops

Posted on April 07, 2014

If you are going through the trouble of renovating your kitchen - or building a new one for that matter - the last thing you want is for it to be boring. Even if you are not a professional designer, you can still make sure that your kitchen is bold and original. You can have a kitchen that will stand out in the minds of those who visit your home and that will be fun and functional when you use it, too. One way to do this is to use concrete as your countertop material.

That's right - concrete! While it is more normally associated with floors, concrete is actually a great substance for your kitchen countertops. For many homeowners, it can even be a significantly better option than more standard options like stone. This is for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost is functionality. Concrete is an extremely durable substance. With the correct concrete countertop coating, it becomes resistant to water and staining, from foods like, ketchup, vinegar, lemon juice and even red wine as well, so it is easy to clean and you won't have to worry about further damage to the counter.

Concrete countertops are also good for your overall design plan. Many concrete countertops can be cast rather than cut like stone countertops, so they can be shaped in many different ways. This allows the floor plan of your kitchen to be more flexible. You can also get extremely long countertops with no joints or seams.

As far as the particular appearance of your concrete countertops, it can be almost anything you desire. Several different effects are used to make the countertops look similar to polished stone. You have a choice of many different countertop edge designs, but with the amount of dyes, stains, textures and shapes available, the possibilities are endless.

Concrete countertops also generally cost a great deal less than countertops made of materials like stone. This makes them a much better option for anyone who is looking to renovate their kitchen on a tight budget. And it's especially good for those who are doing their own renovations, the materials are very cost effective and your time is where you will also save a bundle.

You can easily purchase everything you need to create your own unique concrete countertops with just a few clicks. Concrete Countertop Solutions provides special concrete mix along with all of the tools, edge patterns and finishes you could possibly require. You can get everything delivered right to your door and get to work. No matter how you want your concrete countertops to look, we can help you get it quickly and affordably.


Make a statement with concrete countertops