How to Clean and Maintain a Concrete Countertops

Posted on September 17, 2014

Before embarking on a new project like building your own concrete countertops, its smart to educate yourself on all the variables and learn what to expected from your new home addition.

One of the first questions that comes up regularly from soon to be owners of Concrete Countertops is How do you clean and maintain a countertop?

To keep this as simple as possible lets look at what a concrete countertop really is.

Concrete is the main material of a countertop and provides the bulk of the design and shape, but more often than not there is a sealer or coating applied to the countertop that is the first and often most important line of defense from stains and abrasion.

So realistically we need to look at the sealer to determine how to clean and maintain a concrete countertop.

Most sealers used on concrete countertops provide at least a water and stain resistant surface, while others promote an impervious surface, (within reason of course).

Depending on the type of finish that was applied to your concrete countertop here are the basic ways of cleaning and maintaining your countertop.

First off never put a hot pot or pan directly on your countertop. Many sealers are like plastic and do not do well under extreme heat. Also never cut on a concrete countertop as it might scratch the surface. I would usually recommend you treat your countertops like laminate and take necessary precautions and use cutting boards and surfaces when preparing food.

To clean your countertops, use a standard dish detergent as you would most countertops, nothing too aggressive or bleach based. Try to clean spills and stains before they dry and harden but if they do, scrub gently until they come off. These countertops are tough and simple common sense usually prevails.

Long-term maintenance of countertops could include adding additional topcoats that will replace any thin areas that have developed from typical cleaning and use. This is a big advantage of sealed concrete countertops over other types of material because usually once a countertop shows signs of wear; there is little you can do to fix it.

Regular cleaning and resealing as necessary go a long way toward maintaining the appearance of your concrete countertop. Protect your investment with regular, easy clean-ups, and your concrete countertop will continue to provide you with enjoyment for many years to come.


How to clean and maintain concrete countertops