DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Posted on June 15, 2012

Concrete Countertops are the Perfect DIY Kitchen Countertop Project

Are you looking for new beautiful kitchen countertops that will have all of your friends talking? Then look no farther! Whether it be kitchen, bathroom or outdoor countertops, concrete is the answer.

Concrete countertops, using the patented Z Counterform system, are the easiest and fastest way to build stunning yet inexpensive countertops. Thanks to this new award winning system, DIYers and professionals alike can now form and pour a complete kitchen in less than 3 hours. Then simply snap off the forms to reveal a gorgeous polished edge.

There are 6 different edge profiles as well as a pre-cast form that offers something for everybody. If you have never considered concrete countertops before, view some photos here that may sway your opinion. To learn how easy making concrete countertops can be with Z Counterforms, watch our short instructional video.

Diy kitchen countertop ideas