Custom Concrete Countertops for Restaurants and Bars

Posted by Dario Baldoni on May 18, 2014

You may have noticed that concrete can now be found in many businesses today. From traditional warehouses and outdoor walkways, to indoor flooring options in stylish boutiques and medical institutions, the use of concrete is on the rise.

There are many reasons why concrete has become so popular. Not only is concrete as cost-effective as ever, it has become more durable and stylish due to advancements and innovations in the industry. That unique combination of stylishness and sturdiness makes concrete countertops ideal for use in restaurants and bars.

Concrete Countertops Are Ideal for Restaurants

One of the benefits of concrete countertops is their ability to take any shape and size. No two restaurants are the same, and many are looking to set themselves apart from the other eating establishments in the area. With a unique concrete countertop design, your restaurant can offer seating, standing or serving areas that are unlike anything else in town. Have a small space? No problem, you can custom pour a countertop to fit your needs. Want the biggest bar in town? Its easy to do and cost-effective too.

And, the customization does not stop at size and shape; there have been many developments in color and texture additions to concrete countertops in recent years. Unique edging can be added to provide functionality in addition to style.

Of course, there are other benefits of concrete countertops for restaurants. There are many moving parts to food service establishments, and a great deal of foot traffic from customers and workers. For this reason, the serving areas and prep areas should be very durable.

Also, safety is always a priority for business owners, and concrete is very easy to clean and maintain. Concrete can be sanitized easily with soap and water, but is also strong enough to handle heavy-duty chemicals as well. With a smooth, polished surface, workers will not have to worry about dirt and debris becoming trapped in cracks.

Concrete Countertops Make Sense in Bars

A big thing that many people look for when choosing a bar or tavern is ambience. Thanks to the ease in which concrete countertops may be customized, the options are unlimited for bar tops. You can include your taverns logo or colors, or choose a one-of-a-kind design to make your bar stand out from the competition. Because concrete countertops can be poured into an infinite number of shapes and sizes, you can create a custom bar top that can be either a basic conversation starter or a featured piece of your marketing strategy and overall tradition.

Also, because many bars have a unique feel to them, a bar can connect your customers and your mission. If you run a bar that specializes in craft beer and want a laid-back atmosphere, a minimalist concrete countertop with a clear coating will do. On the other hand, an upscale martini bar may call for a concrete countertop in vibrant colors and patterns, or with a sophisticated dark color treatment. Whatever the design or function you prefer for your bar or restaurant, you can have it with concrete countertops.


Concrete countertops for restaurants and bars