Weatherwood Plank

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Renatls includes 9 Stamps (3 of each pattern - blue, red, yellow), a floppy and a touch up texture mat.

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Our Weatherwood plank will unquestionably produce the most attractive wood finish in concrete that can be had. The concrete mats were meticulously derived from century old dock planks from Lake Michigan and will produce an incredibly rustic yet detailed surface that looks anything but concrete. The planks are each approximately 5 plus inches wide and are constructed into a side by side pattern of three different lengths. They are very easy for stamping in either a linear or stepped fashion.

  • Very detailed planks with rustic grains.
  • Three patterns to increase variety and reduce repetition.
  • Dimensions:11" x 4', 5', and 6' foot lenghts (Plank width is 5 1/2")
  • 135 lb set

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