Flagstone Bench Mold

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A precast mold set that will create a 5 foot, rock solid, naturally shaped bench top that sits on wedge shaped chiseled bases.This simple kit offers a design that is uniquely rustic in nature and can be colored in a variety of ways to fit the needs of the surroundings.

Installers can use almost any concrete (high strength mix recommended). Have left over concrete in your mix truck? Of course you do. Don't waste it, make a custom concrete bench. Vibrate mold with a pencil vibrator for best results. Coloration can be completed by use of  Integral color placed into the concrete or it may be stained with Aqua-Stain UV after demolded and cured.

This polyurethane mold set can be used over and over without worry of fatigue and failure.

Three piece mold set weighs 100 lbs and requires a large flat(sturdy) surface for proper pouring.

Reinforcement of concrete to industry standards recommended.

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