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Z Powder Release is a specially formulated pigmented powder designed to prevent fresh concrete from adhering to stamps or texture mats. Z Powder Release can be used on plain or integrally colored concrete to transfer the details of the texturing mats in a matching or contrasting color.

Sold in 25 lb bucket

COVERAGE: The amount of accent release agent used depends upon the desired depth of the texturing mat impression and the degree to which the concrete has set. Approximate coverage rate is 3 pounds per 100 square feet.

Directions: Place, screed, and float the concrete as required. When concrete is firm and excess moisture is no longer present, dust a thin layer of Z Powder Release onto the surface of the concrete. This is easily done using a brush. Texture mats may be placed immediately and stamped down. Excess Z Powder Release can be removed once the concrete is sufficiently set and the surface cannot be damaged. To remove, sweep up excess powder and then rinse surface with hose or power washer with a low pressure setting. A light scrubbing may be necessary to remove fine residue. After the concrete is clean and dry, it should be sealed before use.

Warnings: Cover and protect all surrounding areas where color is not desired. Be aware of wind conditions when spreading release. In colder temperatures allow more time for the concrete to cure before removing the accent release. Be careful not to stain surrounding areas with excess rinse water during removal of residual accent release. Avoid inhalation of dust. Wear OSHA-Niosh approved dust respirators while applying or working around accent release agent. Wear rubber gloves to protect skin and wear safety eye goggles to protect eyes.


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