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Model/ Size: HS-2 (1-2 gal)
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Jiffy Mixer is designed to quickly and thoroughly mix dense and viscous substances in an open container. It eliminates waste and unwanted aeration of materials in addition to cutting mixing time up to 90%. It is equally effective with liquids, dry materials or multiple component materials. Made of stainless steel 304, its patented construction and design is for mixing, not just stirring. 100% food grade safe. Highly recommended for any size epoxy job!

HS-2 - Designed for mixing in 1-2 gal containers. Perfect for your countertop epoxy job. It easily fits any 1/4" chucked power tool. Designed for max speeds of 1200 RPM. Tools with 450-750 RPMs get the best rate of thorough mixing.

Shaft Length: 14-3/4" | Paddle Diameter: 2-5/8" | Head Height: 2-3/8" | Shaft Diameter: 1/4"


ES - Designed for larger jobs when mixing in 2-5 gal buckets. Perfect for large countertops or epoxy floors. It easily fits any 3/8" chucked power tool. Designed for max speeds of 1000 RPM. Tools with 450-750 RPMs get the best rate of thorough mixing.

Shaft Length: 20-1/2" | Paddle Diameter: 3-3/4" | Head Height: 3-3/4" | Shaft Diameter: 3/8"



  • No Splashing - Submerge mixer into materials to be mixed before starting motor; shut motor off before allowing mixing unit to reach surface of the mixed materials.

  • Will not draw in air- The exclusive hydraulic-flow action of the horizontal blades force just the materials from the upper and lower areas of the container into the mixer making this ideal for mixing epoxy!

  • Thorough Mixing - The two vertical blades keep the main mixing action inside the unit, thus increasing the efficiency of the horizontal blades by exerting pressure on the materials being mixed.

  • Fast Mixing - Cuts time up to 90%-A 5 gallon can of separated paint can be thoroughly mixed and blended in about 60 seconds.

  • Puncture-Proof/Safe Operation -The exclusive patented protective ring design prevents puncture or damage to the walls of the mixing containers. It also prevents the breaking or bending of the horizontal blades. In addition, the ring eliminates accidents should the mixer be accidentally started outside of a container.

  • Quick, Easy Cleanup -Just rotate mixer in appropriate thinner or solvent.

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