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Z Trowel-Slick is a ready to use surface lubricant which allows for easier concrete finishing. For veteran finishers, it allows for great finishing with far less labor. For novices, it allows you to finish like a pro. Trowel-Slick is ideal for concrete countertop finishing.

COVERAGE: Approximately 50 - 75 sq. ft. per quart.

DIRECTIONS: Before use, shake well and pour Z Trowel-Slick from this container into a spray bottle. Screed and float the concrete as normal. Once the concrete has set up and is ready for a steel trowel finish, lightly mist the concrete and/or the bottom of the steel trowel with Trowel-Slick. Proceed to trowel the concrete as normal. Trowel-Slick allows the trowel to slide effortlessly over the treated surface, reducing tensile stress and eliminating unevenness and poor surface texture. The residue left becomes integrally bonded with the hardened concrete surface and does not impair bonding or alter the final surface color. Trowel-Slick has no effect on the concrete hydration process, early and final concrete strength, abrasion resistance, or surface durability.

CAUTIONS: Z Trowel-Slick is not to be considered as a curing compound. Concrete treated with this product must be cured per ACI recommendation guidelines. Trowel-Slick will not alter the effectiveness of membrane type curing or sealing compounds. Do not use to facilitate easier finishing of cementitious dry shake surface hardeners or toppings after they have begun to take initial set. Keep from freezing. If frozen, loosen cap and allow solution to thaw completely. Shake well for two minutes before use.

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