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Canvas Microtopping is an easy to use trowelable style microtopping mix used for resurfacing existing concrete. The new surface is ready for staining and sealing providing a brand new "concrete" countertop. Trowelable style allows finisher to mimic the look of freshly troweled concrete.


Must use Flexy Bo Bonder to prime the application surface. To get the best possible results when finishing, it is highly recommended to use Z Trowel-Slick.

  • All in one mix design, just add water.
  • Proprietary polymers formulated for excellent strength and bonding.
  • Quick turnaround - stain and seal the following day.
  • Available in gray or white.
  • Sandable formula allows use of sand paper to remove any minor imperfections or trowel marks
  • Coverage approximately 90-100 sq. ft. at 1/16" or 40-50 sq. ft. at 1/8"
  • 35 lb bags.



Sealers: Because of the high polymer content penetrating sealer like SiAcryl 14 will not work well with this product. Aqua-Poxy is the recommended sealer. It will provide great stain protection and some impact protection as well.


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