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Color: Charcoal
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Z Terra-Tint is an iron oxide integral pigment additive for concrete mixes. This easy to use dry powder admixture will impregnate the concrete with a uniform, fade-resistant color.


Contains: 3 lbs. of powdered color and a 2 fl. oz. scooper.


Coverage: Will vary depending on amount of scoops per mix. Approximately 20 - 30 scoops per bucket (depending on color. Darker colors like Charcoal are more dense and therefore they're less volume per weight. Assume 20 scoops per bucket and you should not run short on color).


Directions: If using Z Terra-Tint with one of our admixtures, follow the mixing instructions on that box. If using with another pre-bagged mix, place desired number of scoops into mixing container and blend with 1 quart of water until no clumps remain. Add in additional water and concrete. Mix per instructions on concrete bag. For consistent color, use same number of scoops per mix.

You can use up to 1 scoop for every 10 lbs of concrete (e.g. in a 60lb bag of concrete, use up to 6 scoops per bag). Each additional scoop of Z Terra-Tint will intensify the color. ALWAYS do a test pour first to verify color . Remember, as the concrete cures, the color will lighten. Different colors can be combined to create an unlimited color palette.

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Color Chart

Color on left - 2 scoop/60 lbs : Color on right 4 scoops/60 lbs


Please note that color will vary depending on concrete mix used. These swatches were created using a standard 60lb light gray mix.



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