Making Your DIY Concrete Countertops

Posted on March 17, 2014

Making Your DIY Concrete Countertops

When researching materials for your home renovation, you've most likely come across concrete in several forms. Decorative concrete is now used not only for floors but also for wall applications and even countertops. If you've decided to create DIY concrete countertops for your kitchen, theres a lot you'll need to do. This is not a beginners project by any means, but there are many things you can do to make it easier and make sure you end up with a product you're satisfied with.


This is the most important stage of the process by far. You will have to make many decisions before you even get close to actually creating your countertops.

The first decision you have to make is whether you want to craft your DIY concrete countertops in place or cast them elsewhere and then bring them in to install them. This will depend on your situation. Cast-in-place countertops allow for much more customization, especially in regard to the shape of the concrete countertop and the edge design. It also works very well if your countertop is going to be outside, such as for an outdoor kitchen. Pre-casting your countertops and moving them to install them will give you more control over your workspace and possibly more room to work. However, the counters will be very heavy, so you will most likely need multiple people to help move them to the installation area.

Next, you will need to take measurements and decide the shape, texture, and color you want for your DIY concrete countertops. These decisions will determine the forms and molds you make as well as the additional supplies and tools you will need to purchase to create your finished product.

Crafting Your DIY Concrete Countertops

Once you have all your supplies and everything planned out, you can get to work on actually crafting your DIY concrete countertops. First, you will cast the base concrete mix in the shape you have created. Once they have cured, you will be able to add color stains, and sealants, according to your plan. Be prepared for the process to take some time, as you will have to wait between treatments. Once your countertops have been sealed and everything has been cleaned, you will be ready to use them!

Concrete Countertop Solutions

Theres one more decision you have to make before you start creating your DIY concrete countertops - where you will purchase the materials. Concrete Countertop Solutions sells everything you need to make your own counters, from the concrete mix system to edges to stains and sealers, to tools. They are a great place to purchase everything you need at once and get it delivered directly to you. They also offer instructional videos to help you understand the technical details of crafting DIY concrete countertops so that you can go into your project with confidence.

Making your diy concrete countertops