What Concrete Outdoor Sealer Is Best for Homes on the East Coast?

The East Coast sees different kinds of weather, ranging from hurricanes and tornadoes to serious thunderstorms and snowstorms. This means that any outdoor concrete needs to have a sealer that can stand up to the heat in the South and the extreme temperature changes in the North. By standing up to the elements with a sealer, the life of the concrete is extended so that you don't have to replace the concrete before you should. The question, however, is which sealer is best for outdoor applications? It is good to know what has become popular when shopping for the option that is right for you.

Ultra SI makes an ideal choice as an outdoor concrete sealer

As decorative concrete continues to grow in popularity on the East Coast and all around the country, there has become a need for a high quality long lasting sealer to protect the finish of the decorative surface. Take a look at some of the advantages of Ultra SI as an outdoor concrete sealer.

  • Strength and durability Surfaces coated with Ultra SI last a long time and resist a lot of wear. Once the material cures it becomes a tough abrasion and stain resistant coating.
  • Fast installation The installation of Ultra SI sealer is fast.
  • Low maintenance The coating makes concrete no longer porous, so the surface is easier to clean.
  • Added safety Ultra SI can create a slip-resistant surface.
  • Aesthetically appealing Concrete that is coated is much more appealing to the eye.
  • Chemical resistance Ultra SI coatings can survive exposure to everyday food and chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly Ultra SI I is an eco-friendlier option compared to other options. This is due in part to the reduction in VOCs in the material.
  • Protection against the weather Concrete can expand and contract when the temperature changes, which creates cracks. By protecting against this and sealing a surface less moisture is absorbed and, cracking can be reduced.

Make Your Concrete Last

Overall, Ultra SI outdoor sealer makes concrete surfaces stronger and last longer. For those on the East Coast always struggling with cracked concrete, a durable coating can make a difference in how much time is spent on the concrete, how it looks, and how long it is functional. 

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